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Interior Design service in Tallinn, Europe, Russia

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Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 17:00 Saturday, Sunday: Closed

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+372 53061907

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Based on your source data, we can give you recommendations on the most suitable service package for you.

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The right to use the project2021-08-26T12:27:42+00:00
  • The completed project, including all developed parts, can be used once at the facility for which it was developed.
  • The completed project cannot be resold or monetized in any other way.
  • The completed project, including all developed parts, is protected by copyright.
Format of the completed project2021-08-26T12:26:53+00:00
  • The completed project is provided in PDF format in electronic form.
  • Required parts for related designers can be provided electronically in DWG format upon request
Information about projects and prices for design2021-08-26T12:25:59+00:00
  • To order a project, you must send a request from the contact form next to the type of the desired project.
  • You will receive an answer to the possibility of designing at the moment within 1-3 workdays.
  • In case of a positive decision, you will be sent a draft design contract indicating all conditions, such as payment stages and terms, as well as confirmation of the composition of the project.
  • After signing and payment, the project manager will contact you and propose a technical design assignment in accordance with the terms of the contract.
  • After agreeing on the terms of technical assignment from your side, the architect performs the design in the volumes and terms established by the contract.
  • All project drawings are agreed with the customer in stages.
  • While evaluation of the project changes can be made at the initiative of the customer, except in cases of technically unrealizable solutions and a contradiction with common sense.
  • After the project has been completed it is possible to make changes only for an additional fee, in accordance to the contract.

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